Mobile Flip covers

Mobile flip covers help are covers that hold the mobile at the base and cover the screen with a cover that can be flipped. You can thus cover your mobile and at the same time attend calls or view the screen by flipping the cover. The flip cover can be horizontal or vertical. These covers need to be purchased according to the size and model of your mobile phone. We are wholesale mobile cover suppliers in India and provide flip covers at wholesale prices.
wholesale mobile covers india Flip covers occur in various colors and are made of different materials like leather or synthetic materials. We are mobile cover wholesalers in India. A flip cover protects your mobile phone from damage and pollution. Some of the flip covers are customized and enable you to view a part of the screen. This helps you to view the call without having to flip the cover. The only limitation that flip covers have is that they may get damaged if the flip side is not handled properly.


mobile flip covers cases india We are mobile case wholesalers in Mumbai and wholesalers of mobile flip cover and cases for Samsung Galaxy duos in Mumbai.