mobile phone spare parts

Your mobile handset is made up of numerous spare parts and each of them is equally significant. If any of the spare parts ever refuses to work, it can leave your mobile impaired. In some defects like the keypad functioning becoming faulty, the mobile can still work. However, in case of certain spare parts like display cards, the cell phone cannot be used at all. Getting the relevant spare part from the appropriate dealer at a reasonable price is a big task. We are Mobile Parts Suppliers in India, ready to provide you the spare parts in the nick of your time. We deal in spare parts for various brands and offer them at genuine prices. We are mobile phone spare parts wholesalers and suppliers in Mumbai at wholesale prices.

Mobile phones are electronic devices that are made up of various small and large spare parts. The basic and simpler models are simple while smart phones like Samsung S2, S4, I Phone are made up of parts that are quite complex. Our list of spare parts include microphones, speakers, buzzers, LCDs, connectors, housings, IC chips, keypad modules and much more. The spare parts are available for various brands like Nokia, Samsung, Sony, and Motorola and include the basic models to the high end ones. We provide the basic mandatory parts like microphone, speaker, battery and antenna as well as the optional components related to operations like GPS and Internet. We supply to mobile spare parts market in mumbai.

We provide service for mobile phone spare parts wholesale in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, and Kolkata. You can contact us online or get in touch with us on phone to order the spare parts that you require. So the next time if there is any problem with your mobile phone, and you have any spare part that is not working, we are just a click away.