universal chargers

Universal chargers can be used to charge various types of batteries at home and even in the car. This handy device is useful for all your charging needs. A universal charger is beneficial as it uses less energy and also can be used to charge multiple devices. More »

Wholesale iPhone Accessories

We have the finest quality accessories for your I phone at low costs. We are the supplier of wholesale iPhone 5 Accessories like Armbands, Car Holders, iPhone Cases, Chargers, Earphones, External Batteries, Screen Protectors, iPhone 4/4S Batteries, Cables, Speakers and other discount wholesale iphone accessories in bulk. I phone is one of the best phones in market and deserves the best parts. More »

Wholesale micro sd cards and memory sticks

We are micro SD card wholesale suppliers in Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune and pan India. We are also Memory Card distributors and wholesalers in Mumbai, India. If you intend to buy the micro SD at a reasonable price, you can survey the micro SD wholesale market online. More »

Wholesale usb data cables

The data cable acts as a connection that enables the computer to view the contents of the device. You can also use USD data cables to recharge the battery. We are dealers of USB data cables wholesale in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Pune and all India etc. More »

Wholesale computer accessories

The performance of your PC or laptop is decided to some extent by the accessories that you use. Though your computer can perform exceptionally well with the basic minimum accessories, there are others that enhance its usability and also make the use more convenient. More »


screen protector

A screen protector is a thin sheet of material that is used to attach and cover the delicate screens of electronic devices to protect them from physical damage. Screen protectors occur in various types with different coatings, different finishing and exhibiting different colors.

We deal in wholesale cell phone screen protectors and screen guards. We are wholesale screen protector suppliers in Mumbai, India. You can contact us for the correct type of screen protector at reasonable prices. We also supply screen guard iphone for wholesale in India.

Depending on the purpose of use, you can select the appropriate type of screen protector. Clear screen protectors are the basic and traditional types. They are extremely thin and clear and protect your screen from dust and physical damage and scratches. However, these guards wear out with time and need to be replaced.  Solo screen protectors are also clear but slightly thicker.

Call us for Wholesale bulk price list of screen protectors in India like :

Anti-Glare Screen guards
Scratch Resistant  screen protector
Anti-Finger Print Screen guards
Ultra Clear Scratch Guard
Dust Repelling Screen guards
Precision Cut Screen guards
Anti Glare Screen guards

Screen protectors with matte finish not only act as anti scratch but also help to reduce glare. However, you need to select this type with care as it may result in distortion. Privacy screen protectors limit the angle of view ensuring that you view the active screen. In this case too, there is a possibility of distortion.
We provide Scratch Guard, Screen Protectors for well known cell phone brands like :
Nokia  etc

The most selling are :
Galaxy Grand I9082 Scratch gard  HD Screen Protector
Scratch guard LG Google Nexus 4 E960
samsung galaxy s2 screen protector
ipad screen protector

After you buy the relevant type of screen protector, it is equally important to place it in a correct way and with proper care.  Place the screen protector ensuring that no dust, air bubbles and even no hairline scratches get caught while you place the screen guard. When you place the screen guard, if for any reason, there are any air bubbles visible, it may be due to a preexisting scratch on the screen or the incorrect placement of the guard. In such a case, use a piece of tape to lift the screen protector and clean the screen before placing a new one. We are dealers, importers, wholesaler of Screen guards in India

micr sd card

A Micro Secure Digital (SD) card, also known as micro SD card is a storage device that is portable and can be used with GPS, cameras and cell phone receivers. Though the micro SD card is extremely small in size, it can store up to 4 gigabytes of data. The SDHC is another variant of this card which is a high capacity SD card. A micro SD card is not compatible with a micro SDHC slot. However, you can use it with a mini SD or a regular SD slot using an adapter. You can access and format SD cards on PCs and mobiles as well.

We are wholesale dealers of memory cards including :

Micro SD, Micro SDHC Cards
Memory Card Readers
SD, SDHC Cards
Sony Pro, Pro Duo Cards
SDXC Cards

We are dealers for memory cards


Call us for :

4 GB
8 GB
16 GB
32 GB
64 GB

We are micro SD card wholesale suppliers in Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune and pan India. We are also Memory Card distributors and wholesalers in Mumbai, India. If you intend to buy the micro SD at a reasonable price, you can survey the micro SD wholesale market online.

Using the micro SD card is a simple process. You can insert the micro SD into the desired device provided that the device has a micro SD port. Then use the micro SD as a storage device to upload the data that is required. You can now eject the micro SD. This SD card with the data can now be used along with an adapter to transfer the data to your personal computer. You can manage data like documents, pictures, images, music files and other types using a micro SD card.

To buy a micro SD card, research the price range for micro SD card wholesale in India. You can buy wholesale SD memory cards at low prices and discounts from us. We are also wholesale suppliers of Micro SD Memory cards in Mumbai, India. You can research various SD cards of different capacities and ranges and then narrow your search to the desired SD card.

card reader

Quality card readers are now available with us.  Our card readers are easy to plug in and at bulk discounts. We are the reputed Importers and Memory Card Reader wholesaler in India. The all in one card reader is certainly an innovation.