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Universal chargers can be used to charge various types of batteries at home and even in the car. This handy device is useful for all your charging needs. A universal charger is beneficial as it uses less energy and also can be used to charge multiple devices. More »

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We have the finest quality accessories for your I phone at low costs. We are the supplier of wholesale iPhone 5 Accessories like Armbands, Car Holders, iPhone Cases, Chargers, Earphones, External Batteries, Screen Protectors, iPhone 4/4S Batteries, Cables, Speakers and other discount wholesale iphone accessories in bulk. I phone is one of the best phones in market and deserves the best parts. More »

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We are micro SD card wholesale suppliers in Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune and pan India. We are also Memory Card distributors and wholesalers in Mumbai, India. If you intend to buy the micro SD at a reasonable price, you can survey the micro SD wholesale market online. More »

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The data cable acts as a connection that enables the computer to view the contents of the device. You can also use USD data cables to recharge the battery. We are dealers of USB data cables wholesale in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Pune and all India etc. More »

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The performance of your PC or laptop is decided to some extent by the accessories that you use. Though your computer can perform exceptionally well with the basic minimum accessories, there are others that enhance its usability and also make the use more convenient. More »


mobile hands free

Hands-free option available with a mobile phone is the most convenient option when you are driving or are busy with some other task. It is recommended to use a hands-free device while answering mobile calls when you are driving. This provides the convenience as well as safety and reduces the risk of accidents. You can also use the hands-free option when you are exercising, working out or are engaged in some other task. Mobile phones can have various options like speaker, headset, earphones or blue tooth connectivity with the headset. We are mobile hands free manufacturers in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, and Kolkatta.



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For a speaker phone, the mobile phone requires to have the speakerphone option to be available.  For blue tooth, the cell phone requires the blue tooth connectivity option. Once this option is enabled, you can connect your mobile through a wireless mode to the blue tooth headset.  Several car models also have built-in blue tooth devices installed. This facilitates phone conversation even when you are driving. You can select a suitable mobile phone with required hands-free option. We offer wholesale Mobile Phone Hands free with lowest prices in India.

Brands like Nokia, Sony and many others provide a range of hands-free devices that can easily be connected to your cell phone. Similarly, there is a huge variety of cell phones that have different hands-free options that are user friendly. We provide these instruments at reasonable and affordable prices. We also deal with mobile Phone hands free wholesale prices in Mumbai.

Usually when you buy a phone, it is advisable to buy one that has blue tooth connectivity or at least the speakerphone option. To be used as a hands-free option, the blue tooth headset is required, but the speakerphone option can be directly used as a hands-free option. You can use blue tooth headset of a brand that is different from the one of your mobile handset.

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mobile charger

A mobile charger is one of the most important assets of your cell phone that keeps your phone alive. You need to carry your charger every time and make sure that your mobile has sufficient power backup. The battery of your cell phone determines the duration for which it needs to be charged. Though you get a charger with a new mobile, there are times when you need to buy a new charger for various reasons. It may be simply because you need an extra charger or it may be when you lose one. We are suppliers of cell phone chargers wholesale in Mumbai, India at wholesale prices.

Mobile chargers are of different types. Some chargers can be used for mobile phone models of various brands. However, certain models require specific types of chargers. For example, the Micro-USB can be used for certain models of Nokia, Samsung and for Blackberry as well. We import chargers from top mobile charger manufacturers from China at wholesale rates. You can buy these chargers at reasonable prices.

In some cases, the charging of the phone may represent some problems. You may find that in spite of charging for a longer duration, the phone loses charge quickly. This may occur due to overcharging or a fault in the phone battery. It is recommended that the mobile phone should not be chareged for more than 24 hours. This can cause the battery to fail and render the phone to be useless.

Mobile phone chargers vary in price. You may find a whole range of chargers with different prices in the market. We deal in wholesale mobile charger with reasonable prices in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, and Kolkata. You can contact us online or get in touch with us on phone to order the spare parts that you require. We recommend that you select the compatible charger for your cell phone model and use it with proper care to ensure a long life of your mobile battery as well as that of your cell phone.

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