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Each laptop has a peculiar type of battery depending on the model and the company. Several companies have different laptop batteries for different models. You need to know the model number of your laptop battery. This can be found either on your old battery or from the website of your laptop brand. We are laptop battery wholesale distributors in Mumbai and offer them at wholesale prices. You can buy laptop batteries at reasonable rates by providing the battery details.

You need to decide the type of battery that you require. Some batteries have an extended life. These are useful if you need to work without a cord for a long time. You also get batteries that charge quickly. However, these do not have a very long life. Both these type of batteries have more cost as compared to the normal ones. We are laptop batteries suppliers for lowest prices in Mumbai. You can place orders for any type of battery with us. We are Laptop Battery Suppliers and Wholesalers in Mumbai.

You need to take care of the laptop battery to ensure a long life. Avoid placing the laptop in extreme temperature conditions. You also need to charge the laptop battery periodically and avoid working on the laptop without charging it for longer durations. You also need to follow the basic precautions of maintaining the screen resolution, display duration and other basics to keep the laptop and the battery in good working conditions.

You can use external, dual or high capacity batteries if your laptop is compatible for the same. Battery, battery terminals and the battery connections need to be kept clean and free from dirt. You can do this by using a cotton swab. You also need to ensure that you charge the battery whenever there is a power source available and also when you plan to travel.