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A Micro Secure Digital (SD) card, also known as micro SD card is a storage device that is portable and can be used with GPS, cameras and cell phone receivers. Though the micro SD card is extremely small in size, it can store up to 4 gigabytes of data. The SDHC is another variant of this card which is a high capacity SD card. A micro SD card is not compatible with a micro SDHC slot. However, you can use it with a mini SD or a regular SD slot using an adapter. You can access and format SD cards on PCs and mobiles as well.

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Using the micro SD card is a simple process. You can insert the micro SD into the desired device provided that the device has a micro SD port. Then use the micro SD as a storage device to upload the data that is required. You can now eject the micro SD. This SD card with the data can now be used along with an adapter to transfer the data to your personal computer. You can manage data like documents, pictures, images, music files and other types using a micro SD card.

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