universal chargers

Universal chargers can be used to charge various types of batteries at home and even in the car. This handy device is useful for all your charging needs. A universal charger is beneficial as it uses less energy and also can be used to charge multiple devices. Universal charger can come with multiple adapters that can fit into various devices like different models of cell phones, MP3 players and others. So you need not restrict to an independent charger for every device.

Universal charger india
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The price of the universal charger is decided by the type of model and the number of ports and adapters in it. Accordingly you can buy a pocket battery that can charge a phone in the purse or handbag too. Alternatively you can buy a charger with multiple adapters that can charge several devices in the car while you travel. You can contact us to buy universal chargers at wholesale price in India. Environmental conservation may be an issue with universal chargers, however there are eco friendly chargers that can conserve energy and yet perform for multiple devices. We are Universal Chargers supplier in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Pune and all India etc.

In spite of all these advantages, there might be some cell phone models that are not compatible with universal chargers. You need to verify that the devices that you are using can be charged using these chargers. As accepted by most of the cell phone manufacturers, you also need to verify that your universal charger accommodates the micro-USB plug standard. There are alternative type of universal chargers that are portable and utilize solar energy or battery power.

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