web cam

A webcam or a web camera is a camera that can be connected to a PC using a USB or a wireless connection. The webcam can be accessed using the web and can be used to capture videos and also to generate and transmit images over the net.

Webcams occur in a variety of deigns, colors and models. We offer wholesale web cam prices in Mumbai. You can buy wholesale webcams in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Pune and all India etc. A webcam usually consists of an image sensor, a lens and a set of supporting electronic devices. The types of sensors and lenses vary in different models and accordingly vary the supporting role of the electronic devices.

Lenses may be plastic or fixed and thus differ in the flexibility of the focus and the view that they provide. The image sensors can be classified as the CMOS type and the CCD type. The CMOS type is usually used for low cost cameras. The supporting electronic devices read the images from the sensor and then transmit them to the host computer. A webcam may be purchased as an add-on device for the computer or it may be incorporated within the computer. The webcams that are set into the computers are convenient and do not require an additional mechanism to support them.

Webcams can be used for a variety of purposes, personal and public. You can use a webcam attached to your PC for official video-conferencing and for personal video chats. We offer wholesale prices for HD webcam for laptop and PC at wholesale rates. Webcams are also used in public locations for various purposes including security and safety. The images captured by these webcams can be made available as pictures or recordings.

Thus webcams find wide applications in personal and public uses, security and informative services. However, they need to be used with utmost care to avoid privacy invasion too.